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Gamma Ray Protection for PET Scan

Pro-GR lead glass was specifically designed for shielding against gamma rays emitted during PET scans. Pro-GR is made of high quality glass with a lead oxide content rate of 70%, similar to the ultra-high lead content block glass used for nuclear power facilities. Pro-GR has a radiation shielding capability higher than that of the conventional LX-57B.


Sizes available up to 42" x 60"

10-12 week lead time (special order only)

4 week lead time for additional cost

Lead Glass
Lead Glass
Lead Glass
  • Visible Light Transmission: 83%

  • Specific Gravity: Min. 5.20

  • Protection Level: 0.511 MeV

Primary Penetrated Rays and Scattered Rays

As shown in the figure below, gamma rays are radiated in all directions from a subject dosed with medicine in PET treatment, and some of those gamma rays pass through radiation shielding material (e.g. lead, lead glass, concrete) as primary penetrated rays that go straight through the radiation shielding material or as scattered rays that come out after being scattered and their direction changed inside the radiation shielding material. As PET uses radiation of such a relatively high energy as 0.511 MeV, the amount of scattered rays is comparatively large. 

Thickness and Lead Equivalent
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