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Radiation Protector Glass

Saf-T-Lite™ Radiation Protector is made up of LX-57B Lead Glass, a PCB Interlayer and Float Glass in a laminated sandwich. 

Saf-T-Lite™ Radiation Protector Glass is the only lead glass that meets the requirements of ANSI 297.1-1984 and 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II which constitutes acceptance of its safety and shatter resistant characteristics and retention of these characteristics. 

Largest Inventory in North America

Stock sizes from 8" x 10" up to 48” x 96”


Industry's Fastest Lead Times

3-5 Business days (Rush service available)


Saf-T-Lite Lead Glass
Saf-T-Lite Lead Glass Side View
  • Minimum density: 4.36 (g/cm³)

  • Refractive index (Nd): 1.71

  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 80 X 10-7 /°C (30- 380°)

  • Knoop hardness: 370

  • Top Layer: 3mm float glass. 


  • Middle Layer: Safety laminate


  • Bottom Layer: LX-57B is a lead barium type glass of high optical grade with over 60 percent heavy metal oxide, including at least 55 percent PbO. It offers high light transmission and does not discolor due to radiation. 

Thickness and Lead Equivalent

*Lead equivalent is guaranteed in (mmPb). The converted fraction (in.) is less than the lead equivalent (mm Pb); fraction is approximate.

**13mm Saf-T-Lite™ is special order only (10-12 weeks) - 4 week lead time at additional cost.

Stock Sizes
Uses and Applications
  • Window of a portable X-Ray barrier/shield


  • Inspection window inside a lead-lined door

  • Any application where lead lined safety glass is specified/required

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