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Custom Portable and Fixed Shielding Solutions

Portable Saf-T-Lite Shields

Amerope’s Portable Saf-T-Lite™ Shields provide a full 1/16" lead protection for the operator while providing a clear view of the patient. Made with anodized aluminum framing and custom color opaque panels, our portable shields are sure to provide a stylish look to match any decor. With four heavy-duty locking casters, this portable shield will glide with ease, even from room to room or wherever radiation protection is needed.            


Saf-T-Lite™ Shields are custom manufactured to your specifications and are hand made in the USA.


Portable Sizes Available Up To: 78" x 78"

Quick Lead Times 

Standard Opaque Panel Color: D456 Cafe Creme

Example Models (Portable):
Door Shield
Fixed Saf-T-Lite Shields

Amerope's Fixed Saf-T-Lite™ Shields provide a quick modular solution for radiation protection in existing or new construction. Our fixed shields install in hours and are completely modular and customizable. The anodized aluminum framing and custom color opaque panels are sure to provide a stylish look to match any decor. With our multiple coupler angle options (30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, and 180°) we can easily produce a design to fit your needs. Fixed shields come in a standard 1/16" lead equivalent. 

Easy to re-locate or re-configure! 

Saf-T-Lite™ Shields are custom manufactured to your specifications and are hand made in the USA.

Fixed Panel Sizes Available Up To: 75" x 84"

Quick Lead Times

Standard Opaque Panel Color: D456 Cafe Creme

Figure A

Fixed Saf-T-Lite Radiation Protector Shields are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation into the included anodized extruded aluminum wall and floor mounting channels. Vertical couplers are used to join multiple panels together for a variety of configurations; available in 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° and 180° angles.

Figure B

Fixed Saf-T-Lite Radiation Protector Shields are additionally secured to wall by using 90° angle connecting bars which are screwed to the shield and wall bracket.

Example Models (Fixed):
  • In addition to the these models, any size Saf-T-Lite™ Shield can be ordered (portable or fixed).

  • Please keep in mind door height clearances when ordering Saf-T-Lite Radiation Protector Portable Shields.

  • Saf-T-Lite™ Shields are delivered fully assembled. Greater protection at competitive prices.

  • Saf-T-Lite™ Shields are manufactured in the USA with anodized, lead lined extruded aluminum frames.

  • View windows are equipped with Saf-T-Lite™ Radiation Protector Glass – a laminated, safety, radiation shielding glass. Saf-T-Lite™ Radiation Protector Glass meets the requirements of ANSI Z97. 1-1984 and 16 CFR 1201 Cat.ll which constitutes acceptance of its safety characteristics and retention of these characteristics.

  • Saf-T-Lite™ Shields opaque panel surfaces are plastic laminate. Standard color is D456 Cafe Creme, but a multitude of colors and styles can be ordered.

  • Glass and opaque panel have a 1.6 mm (1/16”) lead equivalency.

  • Optional item: anodized aluminum handles at extra cost.

Example Drawing:

Amerope manufactures and ships modular x-ray shielding rooms for diagnostic and testing facilities. Our modular rooms offer up to 3.0mm lead protection. The rooms are optionally equipped with our standard LX-57B X-Ray Shielding Glass or Saf-T-Lite Radiation Protector Glass view windows. Anodized, lead lined, extruded aluminum frames and lead lined opaque panels (available in hundreds of colors and styles to match your decor) provide a modern and stylish look. Easy to install and assemble in less than a day with no mess and no hassle.

Modular Rooms
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